The world is yet to see a man born perfect. Training is not teaching men what to do, but a forum for one to expose his/her talents and put them to use for his/her growth and success. Who is training meant for? Everybody, right from a toddler, a student at the crossroads, a confused executive to a housewife. Training teaches people to climb the ladder of success in the simplest manner.

Training is essential for all human beings. There is a sea of difference between persons who have been trained and those who have not been trained. Hence we state training is essential for all.


We call our Training a ‘Workshop’ for the simple reason because it revolves around Facilitation, Interaction, and Derivation with the involvement of each participant. There are no boring lectures, speeches and lengthy audio-visuals, it’s just training, involvement, action games etc. We believe in making our participants ‘to do’ rather then tell them ‘what to do.’ When one joins the JADE workshop he/she you can unleash the colossal forces of the mind and drive forward to greater success in life.


Our Vision is based on a Twin Philosophy – that is Tapping and Toping. We tap the potential of those who are groping in the dark. We top for those who have struggled through the darkness and come to the end of the Tunnel.

Every Human is a sparkle of the divine. Some shine, others are at the crossroads, we reach out to such persons and offer our expertise. Ultimately our aim is to make this World a better place to reside in.


As a Training Organization – At JADE, we believe in ‘empowering people from all walks of life.’

As an Employer – We shall be fair, nurture talents and shall give persons ample opportunities to grow.

As a Catalyst – We will go all out and transform the mindset of willing people.

Growth For All – The very fact that we have created JADE itself is for the all-round growth, be it our own people, clients, so also participants.

Where Standards Are Concerned – We shall always adhere to first class quality standards keeping in mind one of our logos ‘Quality First’.

Different From Others – While others do different things, we will do things very differently that is positive and beneficial to all.

In The Long Run – We shall strive to reach out to every part of the globe with our mission to ‘empower all’ to make this world positive, with peace and prosperity for all unmindful of any religion, caste or creed he/she belongs to.