No one will like anything that is monotonous. Same is the case with our workshops. We have a variety of activities to offer in our workshops. Indeed the sessions are a blend of seminar-hall sessions, indoor activities and outdoor events which serves as a balancer in our presentation. All our applications are need-based and is applied at the right time and to the right people.


All JADE Workshops have been designed to suit specific needs and may vary for each Module. JADE Workshops are completely activity oriented and interactive based on practical examples and techniques which ensure professional competence.

  • The JADE workshops revolve around facilitation-Interaction-Derivation and consists of :
    • Chargers
    • Games
    • Therapies
    • Exercises
    • Case Studies
    • Group Dynamics and Techniques
    • Audio Visuals and Video Shows.

The activities in Workshops will vary depending on the module. All such activities are JADE-researched and have been planned professionally to suit the specific topics that will be covered.


Our Workshop primarily revolves around the three processes. That is:
1. Facilitation – to the best
2. Interaction – to the fullest possible extent
3. Derivation – to the maximum.

It is only pepped up with:
1. Substance – that is original
2. Sequence – that is well researched and planned
3. Showmanship – that is professional and captivating.


  • Duration – Three Day Workshop (3)
  • Hours – 6 X 3 =18 Hours
  • Type – At a stretch.

Advanced (Recommended)

  • Duration–Seven Day Workshop (3/2/ 2)
  • Hours – 7 X 3 = 21 Hours
  • Type – Staggered
  • Gap – Minimum of one week and a maximum of 30 Days.


  • Duration–Ten Day Workshop (3/3/2/ 2)
  • Hours – 10 X 3 = 30 Hours
  • Type – Staggered.
  • Gap – Minimum of one week and a maximum of 30 Days.